Mittwoch, September 05, 2007

Breathing space

Working as a freelancer has its ups and downs - sometimes there is hardly any work at all to be done (and very little money coming in), and sometimes work comes raining, pouring and flooding.

I was inundated in work for weeks. Gladly so, because it gave me no time to think about missed opportunities, or regret whatever mistakes I might have made in spring, when I was hoping for love. By now, all of it seems long ago and buried under a thick layer of sensible thoughts and much more important things - at least more important moneywise.

Now, for the first time since two months, I have a few free days coming up, and I am going to spend them in the mountains.
I feel drawn to mountains in times like these, they give me breathing space in every sense of the word - clean air, lots of space, calmness and beauty. It clears my head and gives me a feeling of freedom to hike up a mountain; just to be there, on top of the world, overlooking the valleys and their bustle...
...I can hardly wait to get there.