Dienstag, August 12, 2008


I'm feeling soooo rich these days!

After a summer full of fruit (strawberries and cherries, currants and gooseberries) there is a sudden wealth of potatoes, tomatoes, courgettes and apples to be harvested. Spinach and endive are still growing.
I am eating self-grown veggies every day now. All thanks to a few hours of work during weekends this spring.
It is incredibly rewarding and satisfactory to enjoy my own little harvest.

Of course I could have bought all those things in the supermarket around the corner. But bought fruits and vegetables just don't taste like the ones from the garden, and they could never carry the sweet flavour of this very special achievement: I produced something with my own hands' work (and of course the help of earth, sun and rain).

It's a small feast every day. Totally worth the little sweat they cost me!