Samstag, Mai 24, 2008


Just be there
You won’t have to talk
You won’t have to hold me
You won’t have to smile
Just be there
This once.

Just watch me
No need to say you’re proud
No need to support me
No need to lift your thumb
Just watch me
This once.

I know that you’re proud
And you would like to hold me
I know that you can’t.
I understand.
Please be there
This once.


john doh hat gesagt…

just read ur entire blog, i think. fascinating read, i have to say. was like going through a bw movie, reverse chronologically :P ...

and wouldn't you know it... a random visitor to a random blog.... and he too is a resident of mumbai...

btw... too bad about the way you got treated on your last visit over here

all the best with everything

john doh hat gesagt…

read ur entire blog, i think.
makes for an interesting read.

a random guy, arriving on a random blog... and wouldn't you know it, he (i) is a mumbai resident

sorry to hear abt ur experiences last time over here

all the best for the future

Falada hat gesagt…

Hi John Doh,

thanks for your comments! All the best for you, too, and drop by when you have time - as soon as something happens in my life, I'm going to post it again ... whenever... ;)