Freitag, Januar 23, 2009

Time flies...

God, it's been months since I felt like writing anything here.

It's not exactly an exciting life I am leading these days, and I long for a chance - any chance - to make films again. But even documentaries cost money, and finding someone willing to pay for a docu seems to get more difficult all the time.
So I am mostly earning my money by writing now. Ghostwriting even. Some people have to write books or articles without having enough time (or skill *g*) for that task, so they pay someone else to write their stuff for them.

That's what I do (in my own language of course, not in English), and it's slowly driving me nuts. Not the writing as such - I love writing - but the fact that it's such a lonely profession. I really, really miss the travelling and the teamwork, the thrill and the stress of making films.

But I found a new apartment, to which I will move in a month or so. It is bigger than my current one, with more space for guests, and with a rooftop terrace overlooking most of the city I live in. A whole landscape of roofs, spires and faraway hills will be surrounding me there.

Now I dread the packing and moving, but I am already looking forward to spring, sunshine and dinners with friends on my new roof. It will be perfect (I hope).

Lets see what else this year will bring...


jackie hat gesagt…

Hell yeah, time really flies!

And it's been a very pleasant surprise to see a new post in your blog, which i still visit on a regular basis (never have given up hope that you would write a post again ;) )

Well, at least _I_ find it extremely exciting that you are (ghost)writing! Sounds really interesting! But ok, i understand your feelings. It's not the same when deep in your heart you want to do something else, filming as in your case. Really hope that you find someone who's willing to pay for it!

Wish you all the best for your plans and for your upcoming house-moving ;) Sounds good and it seems that your new apartment already makes you feel good!!

Kind regards,

jackie (yeah, still reading your blog ;) )

Falada hat gesagt…

Jackie, you are a true friend! :-*

Will post more about writing (and moving) soon, and I promise not to let this blog rot for another four months.