Montag, März 09, 2009

New Shell

After three days of moving stuff around and down and up all those stairs (giving me the worst backache I ever had), and two nights spent in my mother's house (because neither kitchen nor bedroom were usable in my new home), this is the first night I spend here.
At home, in my new 'hermit crab shell'.

It still feels strange, as if I broke into someone else's house, or as if I am a visitor while the real owners are on holiday. It's not yet mine.

But it will be. Soon.

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jackie hat gesagt…

congratulations !!!!

you are in your new home now, take your time to get to know it, to love it and to feel comfortable!

i too had to move (due to different working places) and for me it was kind of hard to feel comfortable in the new house at first..

but you will love it! i'm sure ;)

kind regards,