Dienstag, Mai 12, 2009

Regressive Evolution

The scarceness of work in the last year makes me think about my life a lot. Maybe it is time to reinvent myself. To let go of the idea that I am a documentary filmmaker for TV, since the TV stations I used to work for in the last 15 years replaced their documentary slots with more and more quiz shows and 'Reality TV', and don't need someone like me any more. Nor do they need my skills as a scriptwriter (if you wonder about that, I normally write in German, of course - this blog is just a means to practise my English so it doesn't rust too badly). These days, every TV series is rerun time and again - probably until the audience knows all dialogues by heart.

So I have become a dinosaur, facing extinction.

Which kind of evolution could save me? Guess I will try to find some ordinary office job soon, and be creative as a hobby instead of for a living.

There could be worse fates, but I still don't like the idea. I might just be a Pterosaur, but I can still fly. And I never wanted to be a battery chicken.

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jackie hat gesagt…

i can tell you something about battery chicken... was one myself.

very unhappy and sad, cause i had to do the job to earn money and not because i liked it!

if i could turn back time, i would do anything to not end up like that again.

when you have wings and you are aware of them, don't let them unused! every try will keep you and your wings alive!

i understand that the job situation nowadays is hard, i know! i hope and pray for you to find something that fits your talents and interests and makes you happy.

your always faithful stalker

jackie ;)