Montag, Juni 01, 2009

Brush Strokes

Something I read this week gave me an idea for a series of articles. And I think I already know exactly the right people (friends working for agencies and magazines) who might be interested in that kind of story. So, finally, I take off, high on a new idea. About time.

It's one of the most wonderful experiences I know - to have a head full of ideas and possibilities; a heart full of energy, and ten fingers on the keyboard just itching to write.

I already started my research, and I found many bits of information confirming a hypothesis of mine. It feels like a picture is forming in my mind, and there's already an easel and some brushes in front of me. Now, if I find a canvas and a palette of colours, I can paint that picture.

I missed being creative. I really did. Compared to this, my latest jobs (i.e. translating documentary commentaries, and ghostwriting non-fiction books) felt like a paint-by-numbers booklet: Pretty, but not original.


jackie hat gesagt…

This sounds so good, Falada! it seems that these are the first fruits you can harvest from your 'cleaning-up' ;)

i am sure you'll find someone who will publish the articles, so that is not the question! but would you let me know in which magazines your articles would be published then? i'd love to read them, though i have no clue what the topic might be...

all the best, as always, yours


Falada hat gesagt…

Thank you, Jackie, for bolstering my ego - but it's already been deflated again. I won't get access to information sources I would have needed to sell the story to popular magazines.
Now I'll just write a piece for a professional journal. When it's done and published in a few weeks time, I'll let you know.