Mittwoch, Mai 02, 2007

Call of Hope

One short phone call made my day.

There are still some weeks to wait until the 'real life Bollywood movie' can go into it's second half, but there will be a second half after all.

Yesterday, my friend called. It was a short phone call - he's working in some rural part of India and the connection was lousy - but it was so good to hear his voice, and to know he'll be waiting for me when I get there.

The countdown to post-intermission is at 17 days now. Whatever is going to happen then, I hope I will get a chance to write a part of this movie script myself, and make it into a romantic film instead of a pure comedy...


jackie hat gesagt…

YESSS!!! i knew it :D

i am so happy for you and i hope that your meeting with him will be as romantic as .... hm,... as.... well, there's nothing that can be compared to this, just write a new chapter ;)

wish you all the best and please keep on writing

and you know what?! i do envy you a little bit... india again.... oh my... when will i be able to go on this journey................but that's a different story.

anyway, i think it's a good sign that he called you and i will keep my fingers crossed for the post-intermission :) (you know, the majority of bollywood films have a happy ending....)



Falada hat gesagt…

Thank you, Jackie!

I'm quite apprehensive towards going to Mumbai at this time of the year, it will be VERY hot (in the weather sense of the word) - and I'm really not sure if anything (which might be called hot in the other sense) will happen at all.

I will keep you posted...