Sonntag, Juni 03, 2007

Unhappy End

My little love story has come to an end.

Since I had not heard anything from my 'Mr. India' since I left Mumbai almost a week ago, I asked a mutual friend if he knew what happened. So today it was just a SMS - not even from the one whose message I have been waiting for, but from his friend - that told me that it's over; with the cryptic addendum: "He loves you a lot, but..."

A "but" and three dots, and I don't even know what they mean. I am left guessing:
"But you are too different"?
"But you are too old"?
"But you have the wrong religion/ skin colour/ language/ nationality"?

Of course, the distance between India and Germany is a lot bigger than just miles. It is a different culture with different values, and somewhere I may have made a mistake which I am not even aware of.

I am very, very sad.

What irks me, is that I really don't know what went wrong. I tried to call him today, but his phone was switched off, and he did not answer my messages.

So there it is. Final, not at all happy, and very unsatisfactory:
The End.

1 Kommentar:

jackie hat gesagt…

oh no :(

that makes me sad, too.

hope that the mystery of the message will get unraveled though...

normally i would say: dont believe anything until you have spoken to HIM. it sounds strange to me that he 'assigned' his friend to tell you that its over...

oh darn, thats not fair :(