Dienstag, Februar 03, 2009


It is done. The contract is signed, the flat is going to be mine in a few weeks - in exchange for practically all my savings. Suddenly, I was no longer sure if this was a wise thing to do. It made me feel strangely vulnerable, no longer having a financial buffer to fall back on. Especially now, at a time when it becomes more difficult to find jobs.

But then I went there. I started planning the kitchen, decided on some changes that will need to be done before I move in, and then I visited my soon-to-be next door neighbours. They made me feel truly welcome and spontaneously opened a bottle of champagne to toast our new neighbourship.

A perfect start for the move to my new home. I don't feel poor and vulnerable anymore, but rich and vital, and full of energy.
I only hope that this is not just the effect of the champagne.

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jackie hat gesagt…


in my eyes, you've done the right thing. sometimes there's a point in your life when you need to take decisions made by your heart and not your mind. maybe this was such a decision.

and what a good sign it is, that your 'soon-to-be next door neighbours' are so friendly people!!

well, let's not hope, but IF it turns out to be not so good... blame it on the champagne ;)

all the best and take care,